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Garden Corner Sofa Sets Designs / Mobeva – Intratuin

Mobeva garden furniture company requested specially designed garden seating corner sets for Intratuin from us. As Ou Design Studio, we created a collection in 2 months by considering the company’s target audience. The project progressed through the following stages during the design and production process of the products we worked on.

Needs Analysis: The first stage of product design and manufacturing project is to identify and analyze the needs of the customer or target audience.

Research: After needs analysis, research such as market and competitor analysis is conducted. In this stage, technical details such as the product’s features, dimensions, and material selection are determined.

Concept Development: The design team develops various design concepts based on the identified needs and features, which are then presented to the customer or target audience for feedback.

Design Development: Detailed design work is carried out on the selected concept, taking into account aspects such as functionality, ergonomics, and usability. Product design and production project stages are quite extensive and involve many different steps. During the design stage, the way the product will look, the materials to be used, the dimensions, functionality, and other features are determined. In this stage, drawings, sketches, mockups, and other design tools are used. The next stage is the modeling stage. In this stage, the design ideas are realistically modeled using 3D modeling software. In this stage, every feature and dimension of the design is carefully examined and changed if necessary. In the rendering stage, the 3D models created in the modeling stage are realistically lit and surrounded. This gives designers and clients a clearer idea of what the products will look like. The final stage is the production stage. In this stage, the 3D models created in the modeling stage are made suitable for production. Material selection, production methods, and other details are determined in this stage. Then, the products are produced and prepared. Throughout all these stages, designers and other team members must communicate constantly with each other. This ensures that the design process progresses correctly and that products are produced in a high-quality manner.

Prototype Production: After the design is approved, a prototype of the product is produced, which has the actual dimensions and features of the product.

Testing and Analysis: Once the prototype is produced, the product is tested and analyzed, including its performance, quality, durability, and other features.

Production Process: After the product design and prototype production are completed, the mass production process begins. This stage covers production details, supply chain, production capacity, logistics, and distribution.

Launch: The product is introduced to the market after mass production. This stage involves marketing strategy, advertising, and promotion efforts.

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    Mobeva Garden Furniture - Intratuin

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