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Nevabahçe Branding & Packaging Design 2020

Nevabahçe is a Turkish brand known for its organic products. In 2020, when the brand wanted to enter the market with a new face, it collaborated with OU Design Studio to manage the brand’s rebranding process. OU Design Studio initiated a comprehensive brand refresh and packaging design project for Nevabahçe by understanding the brand’s needs.

To refresh the Nevabahçe brand, OU Design Studio adopted a minimalist approach. The studio used the green color to highlight the brand’s values related to organic and healthy living, creating a significant change in the brand identity. The refreshed logo of the brand was updated with a leaf design that symbolizes freshness and naturalness.

In packaging design, the brand’s organic values were emphasized. A minimalist packaging design was made using natural materials. The packaging design conveys a message to consumers about a healthy lifestyle by highlighting the organic and natural features of the products.

OU Design Studio’s project for Nevabahçe helped the brand achieve great success in the rebranding process. The minimalist approach and natural design elements attracted consumers’ attention by reflecting the brand’s organic values. The refreshed brand identity and packaging design contributed to Nevabahçe’s position as a leader in the organic products market.

  • Date

    Eylül 10, 2020

  • Client

    Neva Bahçe

  • Tags

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