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Kasabalife Holiday Village Corporate Identity Design

How do you create a hotel that not only appeals to guests’ experiences, but also has a unique personality, inspires imagination, and enriches their stays?

Goal: “Designed to provide eager explorers with an eclectic escape full of curiosity at every turn.” A blend of quirkiness and elegance as an escape in the city. A destination that perfectly embodies the values of art, culture, and a generous lifestyle for those who appreciate them.

The identity captures this sense of getting lost by combining two typefaces and changing the ‘O’s to make you think of getting lost but still being found. The wider brand encourages customers to get lost in the moment with subtle clues and hidden expressions scattered throughout the hotel. Matching our curious yet cheeky tone of voice with a luxurious color palette gives the sense of harmony between modern and heritage that we are trying to portray.

  • Client

    Kasabalife Holiday Village

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